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The venture: GIFTD is a platform that lets people give their unworn clothes to friends, family and neighbours through a simple pickup process making it easy to re-circulare the items we love and want people to keep loving. 

We are in the process of validating a prototype built on ADALO as a no code solution getting great traction, but are hitting product limitations so need someone who can join to own the product tech and build something we can scale. 

What we have achieved: 

  • Berlin BETA invite-only: Currently 34 people registered, 20% of people participated in a successful gifting process within the first two weeks of usage
  • Product roadmap development with core feature stories based on real user feedback 
  • 700+ people on our waitlist for the full launch. 

YOU: You are a full-stack developer who is ahead of their game, at home in a diverse set of coding languages and able to architect our product roadmap across different tech solutions. Most importantly, you are excited about implementing a gifting economy!

As you'll be in charge of the full tech stack of the platform, you'll need to be comfortable with technologies across the front- and back-end, so you can make the right technology and methodology choices during the journey from the MVP,  to when the platform has to scale out. Some of the technologies you might deal with are front-end technologies like React.js, and back-end technologies like Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, but that will depend on how we choose to evolve the product and the team together.

What’s in it for you:

  • CTO and co-founder position in a Start-Up which is implementing a post capitalist utopia - but for real!
  • Flexible working hours and time investment until we generate revenue and can pay salaries OR raise money 
  • Equity in the company based on time invested
  • Option to work remotely 

If this is you, just forward your LinkedIn or CV to hannah@silfir.com. Our team is excited to meet you!

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